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But the program is designed to help give students the competence and confidence to do the skill. And so you really can’t do that without being face to face. Danielle: I looked at the program guide Carolyn, and there’s all sorts of good stuff from carpentry and masonry to medical assisting. But how do these skills actually translate to a real job? Carolyn: Well, I obviously think they’re all very interesting. I think what’s most collectively what’s most important about these programs is that they’re tied to a specific industry need in a high-wage, high-demand position. So these positions are all targeting jobs that start at like 15 dollars an hour and higher. I think some of the really interesting things that people in our community might not know about, is like our Distribution Operations Technician Program. This helps prepare you for an entry level position in a warehouse distribution fulfillment kind of center environment, and Central Florida has so many of those and I don’t think people realize what a stakeholder the distribution supply chain industry is in our community.


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